Rocky Hill Little League is proud to offer a quality Baseball and Softball program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

Sponsored By:   M&T Bank
Rocky Hill, CT

Softball Divisions

The following is an outline of Softball Divisions offered by Rocky Hill Little League. Age, experience level and tryout requirements are noted next to each league. 

For Softball Little League Age Determination for upcoming season is based on the calculator found HERE


  • Players Little League Age 5-6 (1st year playing).
  • Players are assigned to a team.
  • No Tryouts for this level.

Farm League

  • Players Little League Age 6 with at least 1 year experience playing in T-Ball OR
  • Players Little League Age 7 with no experience.
  • Players are assigned to a team.
  • No Tryouts for this level.

Minor League

  • Players Little League Ages 8 with at least 1 year experience playing in Farm
  • Players Little League Age 9 or 10 with no experience. 
  • Tryouts held for this level.

Major League (New as of 2016)

  • Players Little League Age 9-12. 9 and 10 year old players must have at least 1 year experience playing in Minors.   
  • 2 Divisions - Majors Blue and Majors Red
  • Majors Blue shall consist of 12 through 10 year old players
  • Majors Red shall consist of 11 through 9 year old players
  • All 9 year olds are prohibited from playing Majors Blue but may play in Majors Red based on tryout results.
  • Players that do not successfully tryout for a major softball team will be placed on a minor league team. 
  • Tryouts are required for this level on an annual basis to establish player rankings. All returning Majors players will be placed on a Majors team.

Juniors/Seniors League

  • Little League Age 13-16. 
  • Rocky Hill typically fields 2 – 4 teams per season. The number of teams formed will depend on the number of players interested. 
  • Tryouts held for team placement at this level.