Rocky Hill Little League is proud to offer a quality Baseball and Softball program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.


For those kids selected to make our Major league post-season district teams, here are the 2015 summer schedules. The number of teams RHLL is entering is decided by the board and based on number of potential participants at each age level. This will decided at a future board meeting for both baseball and softball.

The criteria for selection is limited to the following:

  • Eligibility
  • Availability
  • Ability

"Eligibility" refers to:

  • Age
  • Participation in 60 percent of the regular season (as of the date the Tournament Teams are announced) in that division
  • Residence, as defined in the Operating Manual and Rulebooks (or a letter from Regional Headquarters specifically noting the eligibility of that player for that division in that league and in that year)

"Availability" refers to whether the candidate will be able to practice and play with the team. Will the player be away on vacation during some or all practices/games? If so, the league may wish to disqualify the player from consideration.

"Ability" is solely in the opinion of those making the selections, and is not based solely on statistical information. While statistical information could form the basis for a voter's opinion, ultimately a voter can vote for any eligible player, for any reason(s).


Districts 6/29 - 7/23

Sectionals 7/24 - 7/30

States 7/31 - 8/5

Eastern Regional 8/7 - 8/16

LLWS 8/20 - 8/30

2015 Little League Baseball Calendar


District 6/21 - 7/4

Sectionals 7/7 - 7/11

States 7/14 - 7/20

Eastern Regional 7/24 - 8/1

LLWS 8/10 - 8/19

2015 Little League Softball Calendar